They were on Omaha Beach

"They were on Omaha Beach, 213 eyewitnesses by Laurent Lefebvre" looks at the invasion of Omaha Beach through both local and veterans testimonies. It follows the invasion minute by minute, told by those who were there, living through the chaos.

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D-Day - Order of battle

First US Army: Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley

Omar N. Bradley

Leonard T. Gerow

Clarence R. Huebner

Charles H. Gerhardt

Walter M. Robertson

James E. Rudder

William M. Hoge

Carl J. Isley

  V Corps - Omaha Beach: Major General Leonard T. Gerow
    1st Infantry Division: Major General Clarence R. Huebner
    29th Infantry Division: Major General Charles H. Gerhardt
    2nd Infantry Division: Major General Walter M. Robertson
    Provisional Ranger Group: Lt. Colonel James E. Rudder
      2nd Rangers Battalion: Lt. Colonel James E. Rudder
      5th Rangers Battalion: Lt. Colonel Max F. Schneider
    Special Engineer Task Force: Colonel John T. O'Neil
      146th Engineer Combat Battalion: Lt. Colonel Carl J. Isley
      299th Engineer Combat Battalion:
      N.C.D.U.: Lt. Commander Gibbons
    3rd Armored Group: Colonel Severan D. McLaughlin
      741st Tank Battalion: Lt. Colonel Robert N. Skaggs
      743rd Tank Battalion: Lt. Colonel John S. Upham, Jr (KIA 6 June 44)
      745th Tank Battalion: Lt. Colonel Wallace Nichols
      747th Tank Battalion: Lt. Colonel Stuart G. Fries
    Provisional Engineer Special Brigade Group: Brigadier General William M. Hoge
      5th Engineer Special Brigade: Colonel Doswell Gullatt
        37th Eng. Cbt Bn: Lt. Colonel Lionel F. Smith (KIA 6 June 44)
        336th Eng. Cbt Battalion:
        348th Eng. Cbt Battalion:
        294th Joint Assault Signal Co.:
        61st Medical Battalion: Lt. Colonel George G. McShatko
        6th Naval Beach Bn (attached): Commander Eugene Carusi
        251st Ordnance Battalion:
        131st Quatermaster Battalion:
        533rd Quatermaster Battalion:
        619th Quatermaster Battalion:
        487th Quatermaster Port Battalion:
        502nd Quatermaster Port Battalion:
      6th Engineer Special Brigade: Colonel Paul W. Thompson (WIA 6 June 44)
        147th Engineer Comabt Battalion:
        149th Engineer Combat Battalion:
        203rd Engineer Combat Battalion:
        293rd Joint Assault Signal Co.:
        60th Medical Battalion:
        7th Naval Beach Bn (attached): Commander L. C. Leever
        74th Ordnance Battalion:
        95th Quatermaster Battalion:
        280th Quatermaster Battalion:
        538th Quatermaster Battalion:
        494th Quatermaster Port Battalion:
        517th Quatermaster Port Battalion:
    58th Field Artillery Battalion: Lt. Colonel McQuade (KIA 6 June 44)
    62nd Field Artillery Battalion:
    81st Chemical Mortar Battalion: Colonel James Thomas H. James (WIA 6 June 44)
    56th Signal Battalion: Major Ernest L. Smith
    197th AAA Aw Battalion: Lt. Colonel Charles T. McEniry