They were on Omaha Beach

"They were on Omaha Beach, 213 eyewitnesses by Laurent Lefebvre" looks at the invasion of Omaha Beach through both local and veterans testimonies. It follows the invasion minute by minute, told by those who were there, living through the chaos.

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OMAHA BEACH - 29th Infantry Division

D-Day - Order of battle

Commanding General: Major General Charles H. Gerhardt  [view folder] Charles H. Gerhardt Norman D. Cota Eugene N. Slappey William E. Warfield Victor Gillespie Charles D. Canham John A. Metcalfe Taylor Fellers Ettore V. Zappacosta Bertier B. Hawks Walter O. Shilling Sidney V. Bingham, Jr Lawrence E. Meeks Archibald A. Sproul William G. Pingley, Jr Thorton L. Mullins Jack R. Wilson
Assistant Commanding: Brigadier General Norman D. Cota  [view folder]
G-1: Lt. Colonel Cooper B. Rhodes  [view folder]
G-2: Major Paul W. Krznarich  [view folder]
G-3: Lt. Colonel William J. Witte  [view folder]
G-4: Lt. Colonel Louis G. Gosorn  [view folder]
G-5: Captain Asa B. Gardiner  [view folder]
Chaplain: Major Harold F. Donovan  [view folder]
Surgeon: Frederick P. Barrow II  [view folder]
  115th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Eugene N. Slappey  [view folder]
    X.O.: Lt. Colonel Louis G. Smith  [view folder]
    S-1: Captain Lucien P. Laborde  [view folder]
    S-2: Captain William E. Bruning  [view folder]
    S-3: Captain George M. Nevins  [view folder]
    S-4: Major Harold T. Perkins  [view folder]
    Surgeon: Major Theodore A. Cross  [view folder]
      Hq Company: First Lieutenant Frank D. Bergstein  [view folder]
      Service Company: Captain Charles E. Peter  [view folder]
      AntiTank Company: Captain Raymond E. McDonough  [view folder]
      Cannon Company: Captain Howard H. Dickey  [view folder]
    1st Battalion: Lt. Colonel Richard C. Blatt  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major James S. Morris  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Norval W. Carter  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain David F. Mentzer, Jr  [view folder]
      Company A: Captain John M. Ryan  [view folder]
      Company B: Captain Leroy R. Weddle  [view folder]
      Company C: Captain Frank B. Bowen  [view folder]
      Company D: Captain George B. Nabb, Jr  [view folder]
    2nd Battalion: Lt. Colonel William E. Warfield  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Maurice G. Clif  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Rudolph G. Damato  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Richard P. Scott  [view folder]
      Company E: Captain Waldo E. Schmitt  [view folder]
      Company F: Captain Robert J. Kaiser  [view folder]
      Company G: First Lieutenant Livingston L. Baddy  [view folder]
      Company H: Captain Angelo W. Onder  [view folder]
    3rd Battalion: Major Victor Gillespie  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Grat B. Hankin  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Jesse L. Wilkins  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Jacobs L. Jones  [view folder]
      Company I: Captain William L. Spry  [view folder]
      Company K: Captain Louis I. Hille  [view folder]
      Company L: Captain Arthur D. Lawson  [view folder]
      Company M: Captain Arthur George B. Fowler  [view folder]
  116th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Charles D. Canham  [view folder]
    X.O.: Lt. Colonel Harold A. Cassell  [view folder]
    S-1: Captain Morris A. Ernst  [view folder]
    S-2: Major Asbury H. Jackson  [view folder]
    S-3: Major Thomas D. Howie  [view folder]
    S-4: Major John W. Sours  [view folder]
    Surgeon: Major Millard D. Buckley  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Joseph A. Rice  [view folder]
      Service Company: Captain Charles W. Powel  [view folder]
      AntiTank Company: Captain William E. Lester  [view folder]
      Cannon Company: First Lt. Joseph E. McCollum  [view folder]
    1st Battalion: Lt. Colonel John A. Metcalfe  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Thomas S. Dallas  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Robert B. Ware  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Thomas J. Callahan  [view folder]
      Company A: Captain Taylor N. Fellers [view folder]  (KIA 6 June 44)
      Company B: Captain Ettore V. Zappacosta [view folder]  (KIA 6 June 44)
      Company C: Captain Berthier B. Hawk, Jr  [view folder]
      Company D: Captain Walter O. Shilling  [view folder]
    2nd Battalion: Major Sidney V. Bingham, Jr  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Fred McManaway  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Robert M. DeWitt  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Charles R. Cawthon  [view folder]
      Company E: Captain Lawrence A. Madill  [view folder] (KIA 6 June 44)
      Company F: Captain William Callahan  [view folder]
      Company G: Captain Eccles Scott  [view folder]
      Company H: Captain George Boyd  [view folder]
    3rd Battalion: Lt. Colonel Lawrence E. Meeks  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Malcom R. Weller  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Francis R. Burns  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Archibald A. Sproul  [view folder]
      Company I: Captain Miflin B. Clowe, Jr  [view folder]
      Company K: Captain William G. Pingley, Jr  [view folder]
      Company L: Captain Charles W. East  [view folder]
      Company M: Captain Charles Kidd  [view folder]
  175th Infantry Regiment: Colonel Paul R. Goode  [view folder]
    X.O.: Lt. Colonel Alexander George  [view folder]
    Surgeon: Major Edmund G. Beacham  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Henry J. Reed  [view folder]
      Service Company: Captain Robert D. Smith  [view folder]
      AntiTank Company: Captain Marion W. Stevenson  [view folder]
      Cannon Company: Captain Clarence A. Major  [view folder]
    1st Battalion: Lt. Colonel Roger S. Whiteford  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Anthony J. Miller, Jr  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Guy G. Griffen, Jr  [view folder]
      Company A: Captain Joseph E. Mueller  [view folder]
      Company B: Captain John C. Brashears  [view folder]
      Company C: Captain Alexander Pouska, Jr  [view folder]
      Company D: Captain Miles C. Shorey, Jr  [view folder]
    2nd Battalion: Lt. Colonel Millar G. Bowen, Jr  [view folder]
      X.O.: Captain Harold E. Simmons  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Louis J. Curl, Jr  [view folder]
      Company E: Captain Lawrence E. Maddox  [view folder]
      Company F: Captain Robert M. Miller  [view folder]
      Company G: Captain John K. Slingluff  [view folder]
      Company H: First Lt. Edward Wollf  [view folder]
    3rd Battalion: Lt. Colonel Edward A. Gill  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Ernest M. Rihter  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Paul T. Freund  [view folder]
      Company I: Captain Frank J. McKenna  [view folder]
      Company K: Captain John T. King III  [view folder]
      Company L: Captain Alvin W. Hobbs  [view folder]
      Company M: 1st Lieutenant Thomas C. Emlo  [view folder]
  121st Engineer Combat Bn.: Lt. Colonel Robert P. Ploger  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Henry E. Lewis  [view folder]
      Company A: Captain Christian L. Martin  [view folder]
      Company B: Captain Edward L. Humphrey  [view folder]
      Company C: Captain Svend A. Holmstrup [view folder]  (KIA 6 June 44)
  104th Medical Bn.: Lt. Colonel Arthur N. Ericksen  [view folder]
      Hq Company: Captain Ralph L. Hitz  [view folder]
      Company A: Captain Raymond F. Conway  [view folder]
      Company B: Captain Lester L. Kolman  [view folder]
      Company C: Captain John S. Williams  [view folder]
  29th Division Artillery: Brigadier General William H. Sands  [view folder]
    X.O.: Lt. Colonel Harry R. Warfield Jr  [view folder]
    110th Field Artillery Bn.: Lt. Colonel Purley  Cooper  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major David G. McIntosh III  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain John John Ambler  [view folder]
      Hq Battery: Captain James R. McCarthy  [view folder]
      Serv. Battery: Captain Charles H. Kinsey  [view folder]
      Battery A: Captain William H. Beehler  [view folder]
      Battery B: Captain Charles C. Cole  [view folder]
      Battery C: Captain Arthur L. Flinner  [view folder]
    111th Field Artillery Bn.: Lt. Colonel Thornton L. Mullins [view folder]  (KIA 6 June 44)
      X.O.: Major John Wales   [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Bernard J. Sabatino   [view folder]
      Serv. Battery: Captain Frederic E. Consolvo  [view folder]
      Hq Battery: Captain William L. Decamps   [view folder]
      Battery A: Captain Jack R. Wilson  [view folder]
      Battery B: Captain John Hodges  [view folder]
      Battery C: Captain Louis A. Shufford  [view folder]
    224th Field Artillery Bn.: Lt. Colonel Clinton E. Thruston, Jr  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major George P. Page  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Louis J. Bonanno  [view folder]
      Serv. Battery: Captain Robert H. Stone  [view folder]
      Hq Battery: Captain Harry J. Mathews  [view folder]
      Battery A: Captain Arnold J. Young, Jr  [view folder]
      Battery B: Captain Delos H. Mathiesen  [view folder]
      Battery C: Captain Harry Ostler  [view folder]
    227th Field Artillery Bn.: Lt. Colonel Neal W. Harper  [view folder]
      X.O.: Major Normand D. Aboosh  [view folder]
      Surgeon: Captain Harold L. Bacon  [view folder]
      Hq Battery: First Lt. Robert M. Gobder  [view folder]
      Serv. Battery: Captain Eugene D. Jones  [view folder]
      Battery A: Captain Doyle E. Conrad  [view folder]
      Battery B: Captain George F. Weidl  [view folder]
      Battery C: Captain Walter J. Rakow  [view folder]
  29th Military Police Pl.: Major Vern E. Johnson  [view folder]
  29th Signal Company: Captain Arba G. Williamson  [view folder]
  29th Reconnaissance Troop: Captain William H. Puntenney  [view folder]