Lieutenant Charles Anthony Hooper

6th Airborne Division - 6th Airlanding Brigade- 2nd Ox & Buck - D Company
Sword Beach
During the morning of 7th June 1944 "D" Company seized and held a sector of ESCOVILLE. We were actively sniped from the start and subjected to a continuous bombardment by a large close support gun fired from an enemy Self-Propelled mounting. This Self-Propelled Gun set fire to a building behind Hooper's Bren position. The fire isolated Hooper's force. He expertly controlled the evacuation of his position to one nearer Headquarters, leaving himself to the last, together with a few other men, he was cut off by MG 42's and was wounded in both feet. His cool manner was admired by his men who have since reported the above details to me.
(Source: Military Medal)