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D-Day Documents

6th Airborne Division - 6th Airlanding Brigade - 12th Battalion - War Diaries


5th June 1944

Ships at anchor inside Thames Estuary Boom.

6th June 1944

0445 - Ships sailed in convoy.  Convoy shelled in STRAITS OF DOVER.  A Coy under comd Major J. Rogers emplaned in gliders at FARRINGDON aerodrome and flew to area of operation.  One glider crashed in sea 8 miles off French coast.  6 O.Rs missing.  Gliders landed in FRANCE in area F/7 1273 assembled and moved to HEROUVILLETTE.  Village held until arrival of Bn on 7 June.  No casualties. 

7th June 1944

Day - L.C.I's and Transport ships landed on coast of FRANCE off OUISTREHAM.  All personnel landed safely.  Some equipment drowned.

1600 - Bn regrouped in unit assembly area 'HOMER'.

Place: Le Bas de Ranville

1700 - Moved to Concentration Area Le Bas de RANVILLE and took up defensive posns from 12 Para Bn at 1800 hrs.

2200 - A Coy joined up with Bn.

2230 - Bn 'Stood To'.

2315 - Bn 'Stood Down'.  3 P.Ws taken.  Two identified 125 Pz Gren Regt one 100 Pz Gren Regt.  (One P.W. a sniper captured by B Coy).

2200 - Bn positions subjected to enemy mortar fire.  16 O.Rs wounded.

2300 - Bn positions MACHINE gunned and bombed by enemy aircraft.  New type of anti personnel bombs dropped.  3 O.Rs killed.

7th / 8th June 1944

Place: Le Bas de Ranville

Intermittent bombing and shelling by enemy on our positions during night.  No casualties.

8th June 1944

Place: Le Bas de Ranville

1100 - Bn positions subjected to heavy enemy mortar fire.  1 O.R. killed.

1400 - Bn positions subjected to heavy enemy mortar fire and shelling by sp guns.  No casualties.  Infm received enemy forming up for attack.  Enemy dispersed by Arty.

1630 to 1830 - Increased shelling and enemy air bombardment on bridges.  Arty replied with heavy barrage of enemy positions.

2359 - Bn sent a patrol to ring contour above STE HONORINE de CHARDONNERETTE.  Patrol reported enemy lorried inf moving up from STE HONORINE.  6 Airldg Bde informed.  Arty fire brought to bear on enemy convoy.