1st Division - 16th Regiment - 1st Battalion - D Company - Account

D Company landed on Omaha Beach Easy Red at 0920 hours 6 June 1944 and moved in against a low bank while an exit was being cleared. The Mortar platoon and the 2nd platoon went into position along the beach and opened fire on enemy positions approximately 75 yards away. The company ceased firing and moved to the left along the beach to an exit cleared by the 3rd Battalion by 1045 had moved in along the cliff just off the beach. The 2nd Battalion was contacted approximately ½ mile inland from which point the company moved ½ mile to the east and rejoined the 1st Battalion. Here the 1st Platoon was attached to B Company, the 2nd Battalion to C Company and the Mortar Platoon went into position as a battery in the support of the Battalion advance. The 1st Platoon was relieved of attachment to B Company and was attached to A Company at about 2300 hours.