Captain John James Webber

6th Airborne Division - 5th Parachute Brigade - 7th Parachute Battalion - A Coy
Sword Beach
This officer was Second-in-Command of a paratroop company at Benouville during fighting for a canal bridge on 6th June 1944. Although he was himself wounded in the shoulder early in the action, he was less seriously wounded than his company commander and assumed command. He fought the company under the most difficult and alarming circumstances, surrounded by the enemy and receiving heavy punishment from tanks and self-propelled guns. At the end of the day however the company was relieved by a counter attack and was found to be under perfect control, well sited and full of fight. Captain Webber had to be given a definite order to go to the Regimental Aid Post, as he felt he was the least seriously wounded officer in his company. By his cool courage, leadership and example, Captain Webber's action contributed greatly to the success of the airborne operation.
(Source: Military Medal)