Edward Dyar

LST 266
Omaha Beach


Arriving on June7, 800 yards often the beach, we were not able to beach our ships that morning but begin unloading on Barges that tied up to our Bow Ramp, the troops begin loading over the Port side of the ship by going down rope ladders into LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicale Personnel). Please note that before we begin to unload troops and equipment we received order from the beach commander, to load all of our ammunition that we had aboard our ship and deliver into LCVP to the beach immediately because the U.S. Forces had need of all of our 20 and 40mm ammunition, after unloading on the beach we return to the ship with wounded G.I.s after all other LST unloaded and reloaded with wounded we set sail back to England.
Edward J. Dyar