743rd Tank Battalion (Omaha Beach)

John S. Upham

Vodra C. Philips

Charles W. Ehmka

Donald F. Turner

Gilbert Allis

Ned S. Elder
The 743rd embarked in New York on 17 November 1943 aboard the Aquitania and arrived at Monrock, Scotland on 25 November 1943. The battalion was selected to be one of the three tank assault battalions that would land with the first wave on D-Day. Companies B and C were selected to receive the amphibious dual drive (DD) tanks and began their special training in December 1943.
The tanks supported the 116th Infantry Combat Team of the 29th Infantry Division assault of Omaha Beach.
The battalion loaded into their assault craft on 2-3 June 1944 for the invasion landings. In the early hours of D-Day, 6 June, the three medium tank companies, the headquarters tank section, and the assault gun platoon launched in their LCTs. However, given the rough seas, the battalion commander decided not to launch the DD tanks into the water and all were brought directly ashore aboard the LCTs.
Commanding Officer: Lt. Colonel John S. Upham  [voir le dossier]
  Headquarters Company:
  Service Company:
  Medical Company:
  A Company: Captain Vodra C. Philips   [voir le dossier]
    2nd Lieutenant Michael Sturbitz (MIA 6 June 44)  [voir le dossier]
    2nd Lieutenant Carl M. Wamser (MIA 6 June 44)  [voir le dossier]
  B Company: Captain Charles W. Ehmka (KIA 6 June 44)  [voir le dossier]
    1st Lieutenant Harold R. Beaver  [voir le dossier]
    Lieutenant Hodgson (WIA 6 June 44)  [voir le dossier]
    1st Lieutenant Donald F. Turner (KIA 6 June 44)  [voir le dossier]
    2nd Lieutenant Gilbert Allis (KIA 6 June 44)  [voir le dossier]
  C Company: Captain Ned S. Elder  [voir le dossier]
  D Company: