6th Naval Beach Battalion (Omaha Beach)

The 6th Naval Beach Battalion was commissioned 9 October 1943 under the command of Eugene C. CARUSI, USNR. On 7 January 1944, after six months of intensive amphibious warfare training at Fort Pierce and Camp Bradford, the Battalion traveled overseas on the SS Mauritania to the UK in preparation for the invasion of Normandy. Training continued in Swansea Wales and the 6th Beach Battalion was attached to the 5th Engineer Special Brigade 12 April 1944 in order to achieve a closer coordination between the Navy afloat and the Army ashore during the invasion landings.
Commanding Officer: Commander Eugene Carusi  [view folder]
  A Company:
    Platoon A-1:
    Platoon A-2:
    Platoon A-3:
  B Company: Lieutenant (Jg) Emmett V. Hall  [view folder]
  Lieutenant (Jg) Walter Cooper (Demolition Officer)  [view folder]
  Ensign Walter D. Ludwig (Communication Officer)  [view folder]
    Platoon B-4: Lieutenant (Jg) Virgil S. Weathers (Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Ensign William N. Turner (Asst. Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Lieutenant (Jg) Ralph A. Hall (Medical Officer)  [view folder]
    Platoon B-5: Ensign Almon L. Hagerty (Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Ensign E. B. Gostin (Asst. Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Lieutenant (Jg) Eugene D. Guyton (Medical Officer)  [view folder]
    Platoon B-6: Lieutenant (Jg) George E. Wade (Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Ensign James E. Allison (Asst. Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Lieutenant (Jg) James F. Collier (Medical Officer)  [view folder]
  C Company:
    Platoon C-7: Lieutenant (Jg) Vince Perrin (Beachmaster)  [view folder]
    Platoon C-8: Lieutenant (Jg) Joseph Vagui (Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Lieutenant (Jg) Russell Davey, Jr (Medical Officer)  [view folder]
    Platoon C-9: Lieutenant (Jg) Karl Hein (Beachmaster)  [view folder]
      Lieutenant (Jg) Leonard L. Lewis (Asst. Beachmaster)  [view folder]