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 2012-04-22 07:21:25  - Everett S. Thomas, Jr (UNITED STATES)
Thank you for the 29th Infantry Division Association and all those who served. My father received the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. After 5 Major Campaigns (Battle Stars) for the Omaha Beach Landing, St. Lo Campaign, Brest, Roer River and Rhine River he returned home and lived a long life. Our family is so proud of the 29th and cherish freedom. Respectfully submitted, Everett S. Thomas, Jr.
 2012-04-19 07:19:41  - Dana Atkinson (UNITED STATES)
I am the nephew of Harvey J Morey I am trying to find out how he was killed as my grandmother passed and would not talk to us abouot it much I know he is buried in normandy,but the date if death is 7/15/44 over amonth after the invasion.from what I have read that would have put him around st,lo at that time.on the roster it does not show his company. Thank you.