They were on Omaha Beach

"They were on Omaha Beach, 213 eyewitnesses by Laurent Lefebvre" looks at the invasion of Omaha Beach through both local and veterans testimonies. It follows the invasion minute by minute, told by those who were there, living through the chaos.

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Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force

D-Day - Order of battle

Supreme Allied Commander: General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Arthur W. Tedder

Bernard L. Montgomery

Omar N. Bradley

Leonard T. Gerow

Lawton J. Collins

Miles C. Dempsey

John T. Crocker

Gerald C. Bucknall

Bertram H. Ramsay

Allan G. Kirk

Philip L. Vian

Trafford L. Leigh-Mallory

Arthur Harris

Carl Spaatz

Deputy Supreme Allied Commander: Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur W. Tedder
Chief of Staff: Lieutenant General Walter B. Smith
Deputy Chief of Staff: Lieutenant General Sir Frederick E. Morgan
Deputy Chief of Staff: Lieutenant General Sir Humfrey M. Gale
Deputy Chief of Staff: Air Vice Marshal James M. Robb
Secretary, General Staff: Colonel Ford Trimble
G-1: Major General Ray W. Baker
G-2: Major General K. W. D. Strong
G-3: Major General Harold R. Bull
G-4: Major General Robert W. Crawford
G-5: Lieutenant General A. E. Graselt
Engineer Division: Major General B. W. Hughes
Signal Division: Major General H. H. Vulluamy
Adjutant General: Colonel C. Boehnke
Headquarters Commandant: Colonel Robert Q. Brown
Air Defense Division: Major General A. M. Cameron
Medical Division: Major General Albert W. Kenner
Psychological Warfare Department: Brigadier General Robert A. McClure
Political Officers: Ambassador William Phillips
21st Army Group: General Sir Bernard L. Montgomery
  1st U.S. Army: Lieutenant General Omar N. Bradley
    V Corps: Major General Leonard T. Gerow
      1st Infantry Division: Major General Clarence R. Huebner
      29th Infantry Division: Major General Charles H. Gerhardt
      Provisional Engineer Special Brigade: Brigadier General William M. Hoge
      Provisional Ranger Group: Lt. Colonel James E. Rudder
    VII Corps: Major General Lawton J. Collins
      4th Infantry Division: Major General Raymond A. Barton
      82nd Airborne Division: Major General Matthew B. Ridgway
      101st Airborne Division: Major General Maxwell D. Taylor
      1st Engineer Special Brigade: Colonel Eugene M. Caffey
  2nd British Army: Lieutenant General Sir Miles C. Dempsey
    I Corps: Lieutenant General Sir John Tredinnick Crocker
      3rd British Division: Major General Tom G. Rennie
      3rd Canadian Division: Major General Rodney Frederick Leopold Keller
      51st (Highland) Division: Major General David Charles Bullen-Smith
      6th Airborne Division: Major General Richard Nelson Gale
    XXX Corps: Lieutenant General Gerard Corfield Bucknall
      50th British Division: Major General Douglas Alexander Henry Graham
      49th (West Riding) Division: Major General Evelyn W. Baker
      7th Armoured Division: Major General George Watkin Eben James Erskine
    1st Special Service Brigade: Brigadier Simon Christopher Fraser, Lord Lovat
    4th Special Service Brigade: Brigadier B. W. Leicester
Naval Commander in Chef: Admiral Sir Bertram H. Ramsay
  Western Task Force: Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk
    Assault Force "O": Rear Admiral John L. Hall, Jr
    Assault Force "U": Rear Admiral Don P. Moon
    Follow Up Force "B": Commodore Campbell D. Edgar
    Service Force: Rear Admiral John Wilkes
    Mulberry Harbour: Captain Dayton A. Clark
  Eastern Task Force: RearAdmiral Sir Philip L. Vian
    Assault Force "G": Commodore 1st Class Cyril Eustace Douglas-Pennant
    Assault Force "J": Commodore 1st Class Geoffrey Nigel Oliver
    Assault Force "S": Rear Admiral Arthur George Talbot
    Follow Up Force "L": Rear Admiral William Edward Parry
Air Commander in Chef: Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford L. Leigh-Mallory
  9th US Air Force: Lieutenant General Lewis H. Brereton
    IX Tactical Air Command: Major General Elwood R. Quesada
    XIX Tactical Air Command: Major General Otto P. Weyland
    IX Troop Carrier Command: Major General Paul L. Williams
    IX Bombardment Command: Major General Samuel E. Anderson
    IX Air Department Command: Brigadier General Richardson
    IX Engineer Command: Brigadier General James B. Newman Jr
  2nd Tactical Royal Air Force: Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham
    No. 2 (Bomber) Group: Air Vice-Marshal Basil Edward Embry
    No. 34 (Baloon Barrage) Wing: Wing Commodore C. R. Lousada
    No. 83 (Composite) Group: Air Vice-Marshal Harry Broadhurst
    No. 84 (Composite) Group: Air Vice-Marshal Leslie Oswald Brown
    No. 85 (Base) Group: Air Vice-Marshal John Beresford Cole-Hamilton
  Transport Command: Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick Bowhill
    Airborne & Transport Force: Air Vice-Marshal Leslie Norman Hollinghurst
      No. 38 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Leslie Norman Hollonghurst
      No. 46 Group: Air Commodore Arthur Leonard Fiddament
    No. 44 Group:
  Air Defense of Great Britain: Air Chief Marshal Sir Roderic Hill
    No. 10 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Arthur Vere Harvey
    No. 11 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Hugh William Lumsden Saunders
    No. 12 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Malcolm Henderson
    No. 13 Group: Air Commodore John Auguste Boret
  Bomber Command: Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris
    Royal Air Force Bomber Command: Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris
      No. 1 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Edward Arthur Beckton Rice
      No. 3 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Richard Harrison
      No. 4 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Roderick Charles Carr
      No. 5 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Ralph Alexander Cochrane
      No. 6 Group: Air Vice-Marshal Clifford ('Black Mike') M. McEwen
      No. 8 Pathfinder Group: Air Vice-Marshal Donald Clifford Tyndall Bennett
      No. 100 (BS) Group: Air Vice-Marshal Edward Barker Addison
    U.S. Strategic Air Force: Lieutenant General Carl Spaatz
      8th US Air Force: Lieutenant General James H. Doolittle
        1st Bombardment Division: Major General R. B. Williams
        2nd Bombardment Division: Major General J. P. Hodges
        3rd Bombardment Division: Major General C. E. Le-May
        VIII Fighter Command: Major General W. E. Kepner
      15th US Air Force: Lieutenant General Nathan F. Twining
Special Air Service Brigade: Brigadier Roderick McLeod
  1 Special Air Service: Lieutenant Colonel Robert Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne
  2 Special Air Service: Lieutenant Colonel Brian F M Franks
  3 Special Air Service: Capitaine Pierre Château-Jobert
  4 Special Air Service: Commandant Pierre-Louis Bourgoin
  5 Special Air Service: Capitaine Edouard ‘Eddy’ Blondeel